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Eating for the Seasons

Seasonal Eating Aden Dawit, NTP If you’ve been in the wellness/functional medicine space for some time now, chances are you’ve heard the term “seasonal eating”. As the name suggests, this means eating produce that is locally sourced and naturally grown in the specific time of year that you are in. Eating with the seasons is wonderful for your health for so many different reasons! Seasonal foods are more nutrient dense. Produce that is grown seasonally is allowed to fully ripen and then picked at the peak of freshness, then brought to you quickly. As opposed to produce that is grown elsewhere, where those foods have not been allowed time to fully ripen because it must travel a long way to...

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10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar

10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar Eat more fat. Most people focus on what to remove from the diet instead of what to add. Whenever we focus on what we need to remove, we feel like we’re missing out. We all have finite amounts of willpower, and if we spend it all on “giving up” foods, then we all eventually run out of willpower and go back to our old habits. Hence, the “yo-yo dieting” that...

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Mammography: Is a Mammogram Safe?

Did you know that a mammogram can harm you?  If you did not know that a test could harm you, then you need to read this article. This article will not focus on the radiation exposure from mammography, as it is fairly minimal. Mammograms (or mammography) have been under debate for several years now, and it is all over the media. I haven’t contributed much nor did I dive into the medical studies...

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Sinus Infection or Sinus Migraine?

Your recurrent sinus infections may actually be migraines. Sinus migraines can mimic sinus infections because they cause stuffy nose, sinus pressure, and fatigue. How can you find out? Take a migraine medication like Imitrex for your next “sinus infection,” and if it goes away, it wasn’t a bacterial infection! If you suffer from recurrent sinus infections, you should remove gluten and work on...

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Sweet Talk with Dr. Ruan

Cheng Ruan, MD and I discuss sweeteners, sugar, and fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is going to be the most common reason for liver transplants within the next 10 years. This is a reversible condition! If you have blood sugar problems like prediabetes, diabetes, and fatty liver disease, you need to watch this video to learn how to reverse these conditions.

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