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Infrared sauna.


What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna differs from a traditional sauna in one key characteristic – the way that the heat inside the sauna is created. With a traditional sauna, the temperature rises as a result of water being poured onto hot rocks, creating steam. Essentially, you feel hot in a sauna because the air around you is hot.

However, an infrared sauna utilizes infrared light to create heat. This also means that the light is heating up your body directly, rather than simply heating up your environment.

Does an infrared sauna feel different?

In short, yes. Because the infrared lights are heating your body directly, as mentioned above, the overall heat requirement is much less than a traditional sauna. Temperatures in traditional saunas can read anywhere from 150-195 degrees Fahrenheit, while an infrared sauna is much more comfortable at around 110-135 degrees.

For more information on how infrared saunas work, check out this article.

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The value of the infrared sauna.


The purpose of a sauna is to make you sweat. Just like in a traditional sauna, sweating in an infrared sauna actively detoxes your body via your skin. This includes chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury, nitrates, and perchlorate.

Stimulates energy production

Something we all learned in chemistry class is that plants grow when they are energized by the sun. Infrared saunas utilize infrared light, which promotes energy production on a cellular level. When your cells have increased energy, the body as whole functions better.

Stimulates weight loss

In addition to speeding up energy production in the individual cells of a body, infrared light speeds up the processes that your cells carry out. One of the processes that benefits from this increased speed is metabolism – and an increase in metabolism promotes weight loss.

In essence

Infrared saunas have shown proven benefits for those who are healthy and those who are not.

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