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Cancer Care.


Functional medicine and cancer care.

Getting a cancer diagnosis is an overwhelming and scary thing to experience. Chemotherapy and radiation are daunting and difficult to tolerate – there are many functional medicine treatments that can help extend your life, reduce the burden your cancer takes on you, and improve overall quality of life.

Keep reading to learn more about the two-pronged approach that Oubre Medical takes with regard to our cancer care treatment plans. If you’re ready to get started right away, we are too. Click below to get in touch.

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How Oubre does it.

We recognize that a cancer diagnosis takes a toll on not only your body, but the emotional and mental wellbeing of you and your loved ones. That’s why we start by listening to you – we want to hear your story. We show you compassion and support before, during, and after your time with us.

This also helps give us an idea of what the underlying cause might be. In addition to seeking out this cause and treating it, not just your symptoms, we focus our efforts on a two-pronged approach: inhibiting cancer growth and stimulating death of cancer cells.


How we treat cancer.

Inhibit cancer growth

There may be hidden factors driving your cancer – we teach you how to get in the driver’s seat. In essence, cancer growth can be sped up or slowed. Sugar, inflammation, and poor detox, for instance, speed up cancer tremendously.

We slow cancer with things like reducing sugar intake, increasing nutrient-dense food intake, anti-inflammatory supplements, IV infusions, and balancing hormonal triggers.

Stimulate the death of cancer cells

Your immune system is your best defense against cancer – we focus on restoring it, even pushing it into overdrive, in order to fight cancer with fever. A few more ways we stimulate the death of cancer cells is with mistletoe, vitamin C, and IV ozone infusions, infrared sauna, and more.

Our goal

Hurt the cancer cells on multiple pathways while simultaneously restoring your own pathways.

Oubre Medical does cancer care differently.

In addition to offering innovative treatments that slow the growth of cancer cells, Oubre Medical’s team of certified medical professionals are a supportive community, walking with you on your journey.