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Functional medicine.

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What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine is about so much more than just covering up disease – it is about taking a holistic and highly intentional approach to medicine. This includes things like nutrition, stress management, and other lifestyle changes, all with the goal of getting to the underlying cause of an issue and fixing it from the ground up.

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The underlying issue with healthcare.

Healthcare as an industry is bankrupting our country. Not to mention, working with confusing insurance companies and feeling taken advantage of, combined with the lack of personal attention given by other medical practices, leads to a sense of distrust and hopelessness.

Oubre Medical takes a team-based, personalized approach to functional medicine. You will have access to a nutritionist, physician, therapist, and more. Every person is different – your treatment should be too.

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How functional medicine serves you.

Advanced testing

Functional medicine offers a more advanced level of testing. Given that we are looking at your health from a holistic point of view, including both symptoms and underlying causes, your physician will be able to glean a more overarching picture of your health.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Finding the underlying cause of an issue through traditional medicine often requires seeing several doctors and specialists, each referring you to yet another practitioner. At Oubre Medical, we give you a multi-pronged approach – all under one roof.

Personalized treatment

There are an unimaginable number of things that make us who we are – including the things that cause our issues. Having a dedicated team who is focused on your health and wellbeing just as much as you are means that your treatment is specific to you, and you only.

Solution longevity

Functional medicine treats the underlying cause rather than battling individual symptoms, with the ultimate goal of exposing the disease that is causing all of said symptoms. For you, this means lasting wellness, rather than temporary, drug or procedure-induced relief.

It’s more important to understand the imbalances in your body’s basic systems and restore balance, rather than name the disease and match the pill to the ill.

Mark Hyman, MD

We help you function at your best.

Oubre Medical’s team of certified medical professionals create a holistic treatment strategy that helps you find relief from the underlying cause, not just its symptoms. Get in touch today to become a member.