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Our approach

Why team-based medicine?

Gone are the days of relaying important information from doctor, to specialist, to nutritionist, to doctor again. Oubre Medical helps you cut out the middle men.

When you choose Oubre Medical, you choose more than just the occasional visit with one physician. You choose a team of specialists who work together to integrate your treatments, prescriptions, and strategies in order to empower your overall wellbeing.

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Get to know the Oubre team.

The Oubre Medical team is passionate about helping you. We work together tirelessly to craft treatment and care plans that produce real results, regardless of your current situation. From chronic diseases, to minor pain, to a general sense of wellness – we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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How can we help?

Functional Medicine

We believe in the power of functional medicine to help you achieve lasting wellness. By identifying and addressing the root causes of diseases and ailments, we shift the focus from merely treating symptoms to finding long-term solutions that promote overall health.

But it's not just for treating illness. Functional Medicine is an excellent option for those seeking to maintain their wellbeing. Whether you're looking to supplement your workout routine or enhance your diet, we can help you achieve your health goals and feel your best.

Vitamin Infusions

Our high-dose, prescription-quality vitamins are delivered directly to your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and supercharging your body's natural healing mechanisms.

From improving energy levels and recovery time to boosting immunity and detoxification, our infusions offer a holistic approach to wellness. Experience the benefits of improved gut health and nutrient absorption with our vitamin infusions today.

Ozone Therapy

Experience the power of Ozone Therapy with innovative treatment options that introduce ozone (O3) or ozonides into the body to help disinfect and treat a wide range of diseases.

Oubre Medical offers various versions of ozone therapy, including nasal, rectal, topical, otic (ear), and intravenous options, to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is an innovative and cutting-edge treatment that utilizes amino acid chains to signal cellular activity within the body. At Oubre Medical, we offer personalized peptide therapy programs that are tailored to your individual health needs and goals. These programs can help address a wide range of issues, from boosting athletic performance and enhancing recovery to improving cognitive function and reducing inflammation.

With our team of experienced healthcare professionals, you can rest assured that you'll receive the highest quality peptide therapy treatments available.

Hear from our members
Hear from our members
“I have never had a true "healthcare" experience until I met Dr. Oubre and his staff. The human body is an amazing machine, each one with its own unique complexities. Each requires its own complex diagnosis when it comes to solving health problems. Dr. Oubre and staff are determined to find the answers to those complex problems. I now have some answers and am on the road to better health. I highly recommend Oubre Medical!”
— Joe D.
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Hear from our members
“Attentive and actually listen to you and your expectations. I have told my friends and family about them – now, I’m telling all of you who read this, you will be taken care of here! I couldn't be more happy with them.”
— Pinnacle Sports Performance & Rehabilitation
A man in a wetsuit on a beach, holding a surfboard.
Hear from our members
“Dr. Oubre and his team are absolutely amazing! I was in a lot of pain and had multiple issues for over a year. I have been seeing them for a year and half and I am no longer in any pain. Oubre Medical discovered the answers to my issues and I am feeling great. I don't know what I would have done if I had not found Oubre Medical. All around the best experience I could have ever hoped for.”
— Brent W.
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Hear from our members
“Very knowledgeable with respect to diagnosis and providing customized treatment options which really target the root of your problems. Customer service is exceptional and everyone is extremely friendly.”
— Arj R.
A man in a wetsuit on a beach, holding a surfboard.
Hear from our members
“I emphasize the words “my team” and “together” since I really felt my voice was heard when working with them. They cried, laughed, and celebrated with me through every step of my recovery. I am blessed that this place took me in when no medical facility thought I would make a comeback from my condition.”
— Nelson R.
A man in a wetsuit on a beach, holding a surfboard.

Function focused on the fundamentals.

Become an Oubre Medical member today to experience the wondrous results that a team-based, functional medicine approach can give you. Whether you’re seeking treatment, or are looking to maintain your long-term wellbeing – Oubre Medical is the place for you.