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At Oubre Medical, we focus on a functional medicine approach to your healthcare. Our core concepts are: Nutrition, Movement, Hormones, Digestion, and Stress. We believe that the majority of acute and chronic disease can be reversed, or at least limited, by following these core concepts. When someone follows a healthy, active, well-balanced lifestyle, their rates of disease (diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks) are reduced by more than 70%. This medical fact has been proven repeatedly in scientific studies over the past century.

If you are struggling to maintain your health, schedule an evaluation in order to get on the right track. If you utilize these services and take control of your health, you will feel more energetic and live longer.

Functional Medicine

Learn more about functional medicine, hormone balance, advanced blood testing, cardiovascular testing, and much more.

Nutrition Services

Learn more about our nutritional services, gut restoration, healthy transformation, weight loss, and detoxification. Many of the services overlap between functional medicine and nutritional services.

Executive Physicals

Learn more about our extensive all-day physicals for the most comprehensive evaluation of your health.

Concierge Medicine

Learn more about our concierge medicine services, including physician on-call, home visits, vitamin infusions at home and much more.