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Ozone therapy.


What is ozone therapy?

To understand what ozone therapy is, one must first know what ozone is. Ozone is a form of oxygen, and is made up of three oxygen atoms (chemical formula O3). As a practice, it has been around for over 150 years. It was originally used to treat infections, wounds, and various other diseases – and its effectiveness has been well-documented.

Today, we use ozone therapy with a similar goal to hyperbaric oxygen therapy – oxygenation of the blood.

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How does ozone therapy work?

Ozone therapy is the direct delivery of the ozone compound into the bloodstream. This can be done in several ways:

  • Nasally, by breathing in a safe, nebulized oil through a nasal cannula (for chronic sinus issues)
  • Otically, where the gas is introduced into the ear canal with a specialized tool (for hearing issues)
  • Rectally, through insufflation (for gut healing)
  • Topically, by applying an ozonated oil (for skin rashes)
  • Intravenously, delivered directly into the bloodstream through an IV (for numerous benefits system-wide)
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    How ozone therapy helps you.

    Send the signal of healing

    Ozone is a radical molecule that doesn't exist in nature for very long. As soon as it contacts the body, it does microscopic damage to wherever it is administered. This microscopic damage calls for a healing response that is more dramatic than the damage.

    This is similar to exercise – lifting heavy weights technically damages the muscles, but they rebuild stronger due to the damage.

    Stimulate the immune system

    As well as giving you insight into the state of your health as it currently stands, an executive physical can give you an idea of what to keep an eye on. By comparing your numbers over time, it becomes easier to quantify your efforts and the effectiveness of various methods.

    Rejuvenate the skin

    The supplemental oxygen being added into the system stimulates cell growth and reproduction – even regeneration. This results in a quicker healing process for blemishes, wounds, scars, and other minor lacerations.

    In essence

    Ozone therapy promotes oxygenation of the body through various delivery systems.

    Ozone therapy – benefits you can see and feel.

    Oubre Medical offers various options when it comes to ozone therapy. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or are ready to get started with your membership. We hope to see you soon!