To our society, food is more than just… food. Aside from nourishment, we use it to celebrate, to mourn, to seek comfort, and to indulge when we’re feeling excited or sad. Our produce is a gift from nature. It provides nourishment, helps us gently detoxify, and gives us the macro and micronutrients needed to power our body. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Alejandro Junger is, “Food becomes us.” It builds our internal architecture that is responsible for every movement, thought, and chemical reaction in our body. It’s absolutely fascinating.

What Happened to Our Produce?

Although our produce is a gift from nature, our modern civilization has somehow managed to turn it into a monetized bartering system. Produce is now used as a financial gain for large companies, who are able to produce mass quantities by spraying them with toxic chemicals, coating them in shiny waxes, and changing the genetic makeup up them, all so they’re more desirable to the consumer. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten that we have craved nature’s candy before mass consumerism decided to unapologetically inundate produce with toxins. 



What Toxins Are in Our Produce?

What are toxins? They are something that interferes with normal physiology and interferes with/impacts normal bodily function. In the world of produce, these toxins are herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals used for aesthetic purposes. 

Consuming large quantities of chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides, was not apart of our original human design. One of the most consistently toxic food items we consume on a daily basis is conventional/non-organic produce. Conventional produce is sprayed with toxic chemicals that can cause neurological disorders, hormone disruption, cause cancer, lead to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and even cause cellular death. Pesticides and herbicides are known neurotoxins associated with these conditions.



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December 31, 2019 — admin

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