Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not a popular topic among men although it affects many men across the world. ED has many causes, including psychological and physical.


I believe that most of my patients suffer from psychological ED secondary to stress. The second leading psychological cause of ED is loss of confidence. It only takes one dysfunctional erection to shake a male’s confidence. After this single event, he will always worry that this will be another occasion that he is not able to step up to bat. This additional worry on top of an already strained psyche leads to further erectile dysfunction. As you can see, it becomes a snowball effect and erections become weaker and more difficult to sustain over time.


I am going to blame the leading physical cause of ED on inflammation, which is the root of all-evil in the body. Inflammation causes poor blood flow by damaging the microscopic layer of cells that line every blood vessel. These cells, called endothelium, create nitric oxide, which sustain a healthy environment and dilate blood vessels. Without the appropriate nitric oxide, blood vessels cannot bring enough pressure into the penis to make it erect and firm.


Another common cause of ED is low testosterone, which transcends both the psychological and physical roles. Testosterone affects a male’s desire and psychological status in order to properly stimulate erections. Low testosterone is usually a symbol of inflammation, and low testosterone itself contributes to inflammatory conditions.

The Psychological and Physical world combine to make erections worth bragging about. In order to achieve an erection, the brain must stimulate the nerves of the penis. Stress and anxiety blunt this response (psychological). In order for this psychological impulse to create an erection, the blood vessels of the penis must be healthy enough to create nitric oxide (physical).

Tips to Extending Erections Naturally

  • Limit stress with breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, or other relaxation techniques (read my Mind-Body Blog which discusses Adrenal Dysfunction).
  • Replace deficient testosterone (or other hormone imbalances like adrenal dysfunction and high estrogen)
  • Reduce inflammation with the proper lifestyle (nutritious foods, beneficial exercise, and limiting alcohol).
  • Get nitric oxide levels tested. Improve nitric oxide levels with a full assessment and Neo40 lozenges.
  • Be open with your partner about your struggles and how they can help.

As many men already know, ED medications can become expensive, and they can limit the spontaneity of a physical relationship. I usually recommend that my patients continue taking their medication while we work on natural ways to improve their erections. By taking the medication consistently, you can improve your confidence and remove the psychological block.

February 19, 2016 — admin

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