Breathing is a requirement of life.  But, are you paying enough attention to it?

You've probably never heard that breathing can help numerous ailments.  From anxiety to constipation to autoimmunity to sleep. 
Seriously?! Yes!

Breathing is one of the only human actions that you have both voluntaryand involuntary control over ...kind of like peeing and pooping.  
Voluntary means that you choose to do it.
Involuntary means that your body does it on 'autopilot.'

You might think breathing, peeing, and pooping are voluntary, but don't do it for long enough and your body will take control over it. I dare you to try it ... Haha!

When you switch your breathing into the voluntary world by controlling your breathing in rhythmic patterns, you send signals of relaxation and calmness to your brain.  Your brain then communicates this through your entire body through an extremely powerful nerve called the Vagus Nerve.

The vagus nerve is the yin to your yang.  In today's society, we have lots of yang, which triggers our "fight or flight system."  Constant notifications from our phones, too much caffeine, too many work hours, not enough vacation time, etc.  These all trigger your yang or "fight or flight system."

You cannot physically turn off your fight or flight system no matter what you do.  But, your vagus nerve can!  The vagus nerve turns off the fight or flight system.

What is the easiest, simplest way to stimulate the vagus nerve? 
...I'm so glad you asked! 
It's voluntary breathing.

Technically, peeing, pooping, and sleeping could also do them, but those are less likely to be done while at work, driving in your car, or in the middle of a panic attack.

Join us for our Breath Workshop where we will walk you through some simple breathing techniques that can stimulate your vagus nerve as well as bring some new balance to your yin:yang system.
August 01, 2022 — Philip Oubre, MD

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