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Tonic and elixir for benefiting kidney function

For stimulating and detoxifying the kidneys, bladder and urological tract

Name: REN(es)= kidneys, ELIX= healing drink

Age-related decline in kidney function.

Toxic burden on kidneys caused by a diet too high in junk fats, protein,
and calories.

Relieves lymphatic congestion during detox processes.

Releases toxic burden on matrix when excretion functions of skin are

Excretion of biologically incompatible frequencies caused by
electromagnetic pollution.
Combines well with:
Itires for a more complete cleansing of the lymphatics. Typical dose is 25 to 50 drops of each in water 2 times per day.

For initial cleanup of a patient who has been on a lousy diet and not exercising properly, may add Renelix to Itires and Apo-Hepat. This combination of 3 remedies is the Detox Kit. Typical dose of each is 25 to 50 drops combined in water 2 times per day.

Opsonat will increase the aggressiveness of the detoxifying effects of Renelix. Typical dose is 5 to 25 drops of Opsonat with 25 to 50 drops of Renelix in water 2 times per day. The larger the dose of Opsonat that is used, the more aggressive will be the detoxifying effects.

Generally Does Not Combine Well With:
Radinex. If both remedies are indicated, we generally obtain better results by alternating their use rather than combining them.


CARDINORMA drops - strengthens the heart

DALEKTRO N drops - electrolytes, stimulates enzymatic activity

TOXEX drops - general excretion, heavy metals