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IMN-GI™ was formulated to support the immunity of the gastrointestinal tract. According to studies, Cat’s Claw may possess immunomodulatory properties. Both scientific studies and empirical use have shown Pipsissewa may have the ability to suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines and may support the body’s natural ability to guard against microorganisms. Myrrh may promote healing of the stomach and assist in digestive complaints. Plantain may offer immunomodulatory support while exhibiting hepatoprotective attributes. Modern science supports the traditional use of Cornsilk, revealing that it may be of value in pancreatic and liver complaints. Studies have shown Cornsilk contains saponins that may reduce inflammation, and allantoin that may promote healing. The corrective properties of Horsetail have been well documented to show that they may have a broad spectrum effect on stubborn microorganisms.