Therapy Department

It is with great pleasure that I share with you that our therapy department is established and ready to serve you. We have meticulously vetted two very strong counselors that are passionate about helping individuals develop insight and acquire tools that will enable them to lead more fulfilled and balanced lives. For your convenience we are offering in person or virtual individual and group counseling sessions. We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful service included in your membership. Please keep your eye out for more information about our growing therapy department on our website. Without further ado, please read on to learn more about our wonderful counselors, and please check out the support groups that are available for you.


Katherine M Fields, MS, LPC-Associate

Katherine is coming to us with a solid background in counseling.  She uses an integrated, strength based approach to counseling, and has experience working with children, adolescents and their families diagnosed with anxiety, depression, eating disorders and learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and dyslexia.  Katherine sees every person as a triune being made of body, mind and spirit.  She currently uses telehealth to work remotely.  She offers both individual and support group counseling.  She is very excited to join the team at Oubre Medical.  In her free time, she enjoys walks, traveling and coffee time…..

Sonia D. Taylor, M.Ed, LPC

Sonia is an experienced counselor who has worked with many populations, including children, adolescents, and adults experiencing trauma, addiction and varying degrees of mental health concerns. She holds the strong belief that mental health is just as

important as physical health. Her unique approach uses a combination of techniques and strategies to promote mental health and well-being. She will collaborate with you to find the solutions that best address the issues you face, whether it is depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, substance abuse, relationship complexities, or healthy sexuality.  If you’re looking for an interactive and proactive approach with an emphasis on results, then her type of therapy approach will be a perfect fit for you. Sonia currently provides in person sessions at Oubre Medical on Wednesdays and Thursdays. In her free time, she enjoys supporting her children’s sports, spending time with her grandchildren, going to live music events, and working out. 

Priya Hajari, M.Ed, LPC-Associate, supervised by Lindsey Irons Norton, LPC-S

Priya is joining the Oubre team with a variety of background experience. This experience includes working with college students with disabilities, running intensive group therapy with adolescents, and working with all ages at the inpatient level. Priya’s foundational emphasis is on the therapeutic relationship. This is because a strong bond between the therapist and client is vital in providing sufficient support. In addition, Priya leans towards various therapeutic orientations such as Humanism, Motivational Interviewing, Multiculturalism, and Cognitive Behavioral techniques. When appropriate, Priya likes to borrow from additional modalities to create treatment plans specific to each person she works with. Priya holds the belief that mental health and physical health are intertwined. She hopes to provide emotional support to create a safe space to facilitate personal growth and overall enhanced wellness. She will be offering individual and group teletherapy. When not working on this main passion of hers, Priya also enjoys spending time with her husband and loved ones and eating lots of ice cream! 


Bibs or Aprons?  A Healthier  Relationship with Food Support Group

Food is intended to nurture the body and may even provide comfort, but when it becomes a coping mechanism, then we may find ourselves in trouble. It doesn’t happen overnight, and can catch the best of us off guard.

Join me as we make that transition from using food as a tool to cope, to what it is intended to be.  It will be a six week, confidential support group for those who feel that food has become more than just nourishment for the body.

This is a virtual support group.  Please email the therapy department ( to learn more.

Life and Uncertainty- A support group for those dealing with anxiety

Ever feel you’ve lost control and are in a freefall?  Or how about a rollercoaster? You wake up day after day, and before your feet hit the floor, your body is already responding with the anticipation of the unknown…..

We all have a need to feel in control of what happens in our lives,  but lately, that seems harder to achieve.  Life happens, and it is not always in a way that we can anticipate.  We can learn new ways to cope with what life brings in healthy, proactive ways.  Join me as we find support through a small group,  where like minded people share their experiences and learn from others on how to cope with the great unknowns.  This is a virtual support group.

Please email the therapy department ( to learn more.

Ride the Wave

In life, we go through many waves. Waves of feeling content, waves of feeling on edge, waves of feeling unmotivated, and more. These waves can feel overwhelming and can increase feelings of depression and anxiety. It is important to realize that these experiences and feelings are inevitable and completely understandable. We are here to help you bravely ride all the waves in a safe and comfortable space. 

Please email the therapy department ( to learn more.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When living with societal standards, family pressures, and personal scrutiny, body image and self-worth can plummet. Your everyday routine may include consistently looking in the mirror and criticizing yourself, wearing overly baggy clothes, or isolating yourself to avoid the gaze of others. If you can relate, please know that you are not alone. There are many ways to overcome these routines and feelings. Join us as we provide and receive support to enhance our self-worth and body image.

Please email the therapy department ( to learn more.