Reversal of a chronic, undiagnosed, untreatable skin condition for 20 years.

This patient had no hope for her skin condition. Nothing worked. No doctors, medications, or treatments worked. Healing her underlying conditions restored her gut, which restored her skin to natural beauty!

Marianne has always been interested in health. Despite this, she developed atrial fibrillation and gut problems where she continued to get worse with medications. She discovered functional medicine, and she was able to not only resolve her symptoms … she was also able to get off of medications.

Randy has struggled from multiple issues that he is conquering one by one. He used to be in epic shape when he was doing body building shape with 5% body fat, but it destroyed his body. He is now regaining his health and strength one step at a time.

Rich had seen multiple functional medicine providers before seeing me. After hearing his story and ordering advanced labs, we were able to quickly identify the root cause of his issues, and he has been able to get off of all of his medications! He now feels better than ever.

Tammie struggled with being overweight and autoimmune problems. We helped her improve her nutrition and rebuild her gut, and she is on her way to feeling better than ever!

Sally has been seeking wellness for years, and she has finally found it by implementing the protocols that I laid out for her.

(Spanish) Alejandra tells her story about her functional medicine journey with our office in her native language. Her english is very good, but she wanted to speak fluently from the heart.

Ariel is one of my patients who came to me with chronic abdominal pain as young as she can remember. Any time that she ate food, she would experience abdominal pain for hours afterwards. She was able to reverse her pain and improve her health. Listen to her story.

Kyle is an amazing young teenager who has taken Grave’s Disease by the horns, and he is reversing his disease. In this interview, he also discusses how he suffered from depression at a very young age because of his autoimmunity.

Steve is a wonderful person who came to me to discuss regenerative techniques for his right hip arthritis. After lab testing, I diagnosed him with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which Steve is reversing with nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Melanie’s story is a powerful one. She is a larger-than-life kind of woman who found herself chronically fatigued, losing her gusto for life. She was “faking” her happiness and energy. By lowering life’s demands and initiating meditation, she was able to restore her adrenal function and improve her energy levels naturally.

The Rioux family have improved their health dramatically by applying functional medicine concepts at my practice. They share their experience with the world in this video.

Keith and Terri have been patients dedicated to healing their family, using functional medicine. They are here to report amazing success! It all started with their sick daughter who had chronic “tummy aches” and wasn’t growing. After their evaluation, they realized that the entire family needed a health overhaul.