Svetlana Lisovskiy, PA – Oubre Medical

Svetlana Lisovskiy, PA

Svetlana immigrated from Russia, where she received her MD degree from 2nd Moscow State School of Medicine in 1986. She practiced as a general pediatrician for two years, and then later specialized in pediatric hematology. After that she worked at the Moscow Regional Hemophilia Clinic for three years.

She received her Physician Assistant Masters degree from Samuel Merritt Collage in 2006. Since graduation she has been working in endocrinology/internal medicine practice seeing patients and conducting clinical trials as a co-investigator. 

In 2017, she discovered functional medicine as an alternative approach providing comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care to patients. She has been on a steep learning curve in this field ever since and achieved the status of Functional Medicine Provider from the University of Functional Medicine. This field has helped her understand how to treat the body as a complex system and tackle the root cause of a condition to achieve optimal health. 

In March 2021, she moved to Austin to join the team at Oubre Medical. Working at this amazing practice has brought complete professional satisfaction to Svetlana and she enjoys collaborative team work. 

Svetlana’s hobbies include outdoor activities, traveling, reading, cooking, and gardening. She has two dogs, Mia and Max, who she loves dearly. Her daughter lives in California and is currently finishing an EMT program and on her way to police academy. Her husband is an electronics design engineer who moved to Texas to broaden the horizon for his business in high-end audio equipment.