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Nutrition Group Classes

As you know, we are always re-inventing medicine at Oubre Medical.  Hence, we started our own Nutrition Group Classes.  We are always looking for ways to deliver the message of health and wellness in a more meaningful, impactful way.  What better way to learn than with others who also want to know more or have similar struggles?

Want a total nutrition reset program?
...learn about The RESTART Program

Want to learn fast, easy, healthy meals?
...check out our cooking classes

Need an in-depth dive into sugar?
...look at our Sugar / Processed Foods class

Looking for more information on food planning?
...sign up for our Paleo, AIP, or Keto class

Check out our list of Group Nutrition Classes below, and then contact us to sign up for any and all of them.  All of these classes are included in your membership.

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Dr. Oubre will be co-hosting with one of our Nutritionists on staff.

Monday Reset @ 11am
Tuesday Topics @ 10am
Friday Foodie @ 11am

Oubre Medical - Austin
Virtual (Dr. Oubre's Zoom Room)

What classes are offered?
1) The Restart Program
An every 5-week class focused on resetting your nutrition and tackling your health goals.

2) Cooking Classes
Simple, easy to make meals that are healthy. 
Ingredients and recipe included.

3) Foundations of Nutrition
Learn about the most important principles of nutrition.  We will help you understand the 'lowest hanging fruit' that can make meaningful impacts in your health.

4) Myth Busting
Tired of being fooled by the food industry and so-called "experts?"  Me too.  Join us to go through all of the myths that you believe.

5) Sugar / Carbs, Processed Foods
These delicious foods are inflammatory and destroy our microbiomes.  We can help you identify sugars and hidden sugars as well as help you transition to whole foods that are delicious.

6) Gluten / Dairy Free
Cutting these 2 foods out can make drastic changes in your overall health, but it can be daunting and overwhelming.  We can help you understand where these foods can be found as well as how to remove them from your diet while adding in tasty alternatives.

7) Paleo & AIP Food Planning
Help unravel the mystery behind these complex food plans.  Learn why these food plans are used and how to integrate them into your already busy lives.

8) Keto Food Planning
This is a useful food plan for people trying to lose weight, fight cancer, or reverse neurological damage.  Done correctly it has tremendous power.  Executed poorly can actually cause more inflammation.

9) Biocidin Planning
If you've been a patient long enough at Oubre Medical, you're familiar with these awesome gut restoration protocols, but they can be complex and difficult to manage.  Join your fellow patients and help each other through these gut restoration rounds.


Mondays @11:00am via Zoom/In-Person:
August 1st - Basics of Nutrition
*****August 8th - Restart Program (Week 1 of 5) - Start of New Group*****
August 15th - Restart Program (Week 2 of 5) - Healthy Digestion
August 22nd - Restart Program (Week 3 of 5) - What's the big deal about sugar?
August 29th- Restart Program (Week 4 of 5) - Think fat makes you fat?
TBD - Restart Program (Week of 5 of 5) - You did it! 
*****September 12 - Restart Program (Week 1 of 5) - Start of New Group*****
****The Restart Program is a 5-week course. You are expected to attend all five classes.
Tuesdays @10:00am via Zoom/In-Person:
August 2nd - Foundations of Nutrition
August 9th - Sugar/Carbs/Processed Foods
August 16th - Gluten & Dairy 
August 23rd - Biocidin Planning
August 30th - Foundations of Nutrition
Fridays @11:00am via Zoom/In-Person:
July 29th - Paleo & AIP
August 5th - Keto Planning
August 12th - Cooking Class
August 19th - Myth Busting
August 26th - Paleo & AIP
September 2nd - Keto Planning