Mold and Mycotoxins

This is the first of a series of videos that I address what is mold and what are mycotoxins, and what they can do to your body. In the following videos, I cover symptoms, treatments, and ultimately how to get rid of the mold and mycotoxins in your body so you can begin to heal.

Most people do not realize that mold and mycotoxins can be hidden in your body for years, growing and making you sick. Knowing the signs and checking your mold and mycotoxin levels is extremely beneficial to anyone who has been exposed to mold.

For more information click the button below. I put together an educational course about mold and mycotoxins, which includes the remaining videos in this series. In my course, I explain what these toxins do to your body, how to test for them, and my specific treatment protocols.

Dr. Oubre’s Mold and Mycotoxins Course