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Mimi Uong, FNP

Mimi has been a Nurse Practitioner since 2012 with combined experience in the medical field, including family practice, including family practice, substance use treatment, and acute care. She attended the Medical University of South Carolina for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and the University of Texas at Arlington for her Master of Science in Nursing. She attended the School of Applied Functional Medicine as her first entrance to integrative medicine. She is also a certified mold-literate practitioner and peptide therapy. Growing up in Vietnam, Mimi was exposed to traditional Asian medicine from both the Vietnamese culture on her mom’s side and the Chinese culture on her dad’s side. In the near future, Mimi is planning to get her Board Certified Master Herbalist.

She started to learn about Western medicine when she tagged along with her mother to the local pediatric hospital where her mother worked as a director of nursing for an inpatient Medical-Surgical unit. Mimi remembers when she was a child, her mother would always apply these two worlds of medicine to take care of her ailments.

Mimi discovered the world of functional medicine while she was researching different ways to manage chronic pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety/depression, by addressing the root causes. As she saw how nutrition, environment, and positive connections transformed the lives of her patients, she realized that functional medicine is not just about supplements. Functional medicine is a combination of biology-based approach, nutritional science, and spirituality that is designed for each unique person to achieve wellness.

Mimi is a dog mom of three adorable, full-of-energy puppies that always motivate her to go on daily walk. She loves traveling, hiking, dancing, and trying out new sports.