Oubre Medical Heart Hospital Cooper Clinic

Medical History and Physical Exam

In-Depth Medical History and Physical Exam X X X
Genetic Cancer Testing (if indicated) X    
Full Body Skin Cancer Check / Treatment X   X
Body Composition (body fat%) X    

Extensive Blood Analysis (Lab Work)

Routine Labs X X X
Advanced Biomarkers X    
Comprehensive Vitamin Testing X    
Food Sensitivity Testing Add-On    
Auto-Immune Testing X    

Hormone Balance Evaluation and Treatment

Male Sex Hormones X    
Female Sex Hormones X    
Adrenal Stress Profile (Cortisol) X    
Growth Hormone Levels X    

Gut Health

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis X    
Organic Acids Test X    

Toxin Evaluation

Environmental Chemicals X    
Mold and Mycotoxins X    
Heavy Metals X    

Advanced Cardiovascular Testing

Echocardiogram (ECHO) X   Add on
Carotid IMT (CIMT) X X Add on
Exercise Stress Test X X X
Cardiopulmonary Metabolic Exercise Test (CMET) X    
Stress ECHO X    
Ankle-Brachial Index Add on X  
Heart CT Add on X X

Other Testing

Sleep Study (optional) X X  
CT Scan ^ X X
Colonoscopy / EGD On Site     X
Bone Density Test   X X

Other Services

Aesthetic Consult     X
Fitness Evaluation     Add On
Expert Musculoskeletal Evaluation X    
Holistic Nutritional Consultation X * *
Physician Results Review and Discussion X X X
Functional Medicine Approach X    
Massage   X  
Easy to Read Summary X X X
*The star indicates that this service is provided without an integrative, holistic, or functional medicine approach to your care.


^This symbol indicates that the CT Scan is not provided due to radiation exposure (risk) and minimal benefit. This topic is available for discussion during your exam. Please read our FAQ for a more detailed answer.

Disclaimer: Tests offered subject to change. The other facilities may offer some of these tests or services. We may be inaccurately displaying their services offered. Please feel free to contact them to compare services. You are encouraged to inform of us of any discrepancies.

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