Donna Goldberg, MEd, LPC

Donna is a native Louisianan who grew up on a pony farm called Horseshoe Bayou in Belcher, Louisiana (population 220).  She rode competitively until she was 16 and was constantly surrounded by animals, including 13 ponies, 5 dogs, 29 barn cats, and a porch goat named Romeo. She tore herself away from farm-paradise to attend college in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She then transferred to the University of Texas  in order to follow her techie husband who found employment in Austin.

Since then, Donna and her husband have accumulated 3 children, 5 adored rescue dachshunds (Pretzel, Teddy, Bear, Percival, and Toby), and a love for the city of Austin. Live music, great restaurants, hike and bike trails, the lake, art and mostly the weirdness of Austin keep Donna and her family loving this city. Donna earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Lamar University.  She loves her family, her dogs and healthy food, but inexplicably cannot abide onions, peppers, or seafood! (what’s up with that?)

Donna is a Licensed Professional Counselor – Intern who also has a background in nutritional therapy. She treats a variety of issues – depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, parenting, teens, health related anxiety and other issues related to mental health. Donna is a listener. Her background as an NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) helps her to assist clients in addressing health concerns with targeted, sensible nutritional changes.  She pays careful and skillful attention to her clients and helps them to see a clear path forward through their struggles. Then, she walks with them until they can confidently navigate themselves.

Donna loves this work and can’t wait to meet you!

Donna’s husband, David.
Donna’s three children; Vanessa, Victoria, and Zachary.
Four of Donna’s loved rescue dogs; Bear, Ollie, Teddy, and Pretzel.