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Understanding the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

Before we dive into the beauty of an autoimmune protocol (AIP), or sometimes referred to as the autoimmune paleo diet, we want to make sure you’re understanding the basics of the paleo protocol. This is an extension of that incredibly healing nutritional lifestyle, so it’s best to have the specifics of that nailed. Please become familiar with our paleo protocol included in this educational series - this is an expansion of that protocol. In this reference guide, we’re going to give you answers to:

● Who is this for?
● How is this beneficial?
● What are the details? Why can’t I eat these certain foods?
● How can I successfully follow this?

Who is the AIP lifestyle for?

This lifestyle is a bit more tailored to patients who need extra support during their chronic illness. At our practice, we have a substantial amount of patients who have an autoimmune disease.

We’ve also seen them reverse their disease with protocols we put in place. One of the most important components to our protocols is nutrition, more specifically the AIP diet.

This diet can help anyone who is looking to reduce chronic inflammation, improve mental clarity, stabilize hormone dysregulation, reverse gut dysbiosis, improve glucose tolerance, aid in reduction of toxic burden, and improve autoimmune disease.

However, this is specifically created for our incredible patients and people who have an autoimmune disease.

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