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The New Happy Hour: Feeling Super Human with Peptides and Vitamin Shots

Aubree Steen, FNTP


Friday’s Happy Hour just got even better! Mimi Uong, our FNP, crafted a new ritual for all of us to look forward to at the end of the week. Now at Oubre Medical, we have Happy Hour. Yes, you heard that right! Instead of alcohol (though we do appreciate a great glass of whiskey neat), we wanted to make sure we were biohacking our body. More energy? Weight loss? Better mental focus? Expedited healing? Check.

While members of the practice ultimately have an advantage of having continuous consults that help them choose which shots and peptides are best for them, we are opening these up to the public as well. If you’re so inclined, you’re able to schedule a small meeting/consult with Mimi to see which peptide or shot is best for you. We want everyone to have access to these incredible biohacking tools. All of us at the practice integrate these into our daily lives, and the results have been astounding.

I wanted to dive deeper into these peptides and give you a bit more information as to what each of these do. Mimi was able to give us a quick highlight of these goodies below. As always, it’s best to have a consult to identify which one is your golden ticket, but here’s a lightly touched-on guide to each peptide/shot:

Royal Antioxidants:
1. Glutathione – neutralizes free radicals, supports the immune system, and is known as our body’s master antioxidant
2. Alpha Lipoic Acid – protects nerves from damages/helps with neuropathy, regenerates glutathione, reduces inflammation

Light Speed Energy:
Methylcobalamin B12 – this is a form of B12 that’s primarily for red blood cell formation, has more than 100 vital functions in the body, and used for energy boosting and focus enhancement

Pure Energy:
Hydroxocobalamin B12 – this is the predominant form of B12 and precursor of methylcobalamin & adenosylcobalamin, it lasts longer in the body and has more detoxifying power than the other forms of B12

NAD+ – this powerhouse jumpstarts your body by promoting DNA repair, enabling more ATP energy production, and influences sirtuins for longevity

Skinny Shot:
MIC + Bs + Carnitine + Chromium – this beauty has it all with mechanisms of b-complex, B12, and carnitine all in 1 injection; chromium also regulates glucose, while MIC assists with liver detoxification and fat removal

Beach Body:
Carnitine – turns fat into energy, regulates blood sugar, promotes weight loss and builds endurance

Super Man:
Myer’s B-Complex – this one has more B6 than other b-complexes, which helps with protein metabolism and neurotransmitter balance; this b-complex has all the essential Bs, great to pair with one of our signature B12 injections.

Power Fitness:
CoQ10 – helps fights fatigue, improve heart muscles, slow neurodegeneration, and preserve brain structure

BPC-157 – this is the “body protection compound” peptide, a favorite of ours for healing and repair, as it aids in the healing of gut, brain, tendons, and ligaments

Taurine – decreases anxiety level and stress hormones, thereby promoting some deep, regenerative sleep

Thymosin Alpha – augments T cell functions to help immune system fights various diseases; definitely a game changer with fighting pathogens and infections

Thymosin Beta – this healer remodels injured and damaged tissues, with even helping to regrow hair



So come see us! We will be slinging shots from 2-4pm every Friday afternoon. Happy Healing.






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