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10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar

10 Ways to Reduce Blood Sugar Eat more fat. Most people focus on what to remove from the diet instead of what to add. Whenever we focus on what we need to remove, we feel like we’re missing out. We all have finite amounts of willpower, and if we spend it all on “giving up” foods, then we all eventually run out of willpower and go back to our old habits. Hence, the “yo-yo dieting” that...

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Improve Energy Levels with Mind-Body Exercises

Improve Energy Levels with Mind-Body Exercises Are you a typical American pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion? Are you a parent with small children (or even grown children) who cannot get enough rest? Do you feel like a zombie walking through life? Sometimes even moaning as you walk through the door for the day? You might have adrenal dysfunction or adrenal fatigue. I am a huge believer in adrenal dysfunction, and I believe many Americans suffer with it. For me personally, treating my adrenals appropriately has made a huge difference. I want to save you some exhausting steps by sparing you some heartache. If you plan to take supplements and herbs for your adrenals without working on your mind-body...

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