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What Happens in Dehydration? | Active Recovery & Hydration part 3

Active Recovery & Hydration – What Happens in Dehydration? It’s a well-known fact that the human body is 80% water. The body loves water. However, unlike camels in the dessert, human beings are not very good at conserving it. In fact, we lose water quite easily. The quickest way to restore hydration is via intravenous administration. This is why if you go to the Emergency Room when you are...

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Staying Hydrated | Active Recovery & Hydration II

Active Recovery & Hydration II – Staying Hydrated How do I stay hydrated? Your body can only maintain hydration if you are consuming more water than you are losing. In order to improve hydration, your body needs water … duh!But, did you know that staying hydrated requires more than water??? It needs water in the presence of salt and sugar. This is the theory behind why Gatorade, Powerade, and...

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Active Recovery & Hydration – Part 1 of 3

Active Recovery & Hydration – Part 1 of 3 Why is Hydration Important?   We all know that hydration is important. We hear about it all the time. So, what is it exactly that makes hydration so important? Why does our body need water anyway? Let’s go over it by breaking it down into several categories:   Blood Viscosity: Our body requires water in order to pump blood throughout our body. The majority...

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