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Red Smurf: High Dose Vitamin B12 for Cyanide Poisoning

Red Smurf: High Dose Vitamin B12 for Cyanide Poisoning

An amazing new development has occurred in conventional medicine. Cyanide poisoning is now being treated with extremely high dose Vitamin B12 infusions.

How is Cyanide fatal?

Cyanide poisoning has long been a difficult condition to treat, and it is ultimately fatal if the dose is high enough … it doesn’t require much. Cyanide poisoning occurs when humans are exposed to a substance that produces the cyanide ion when exposed to water (our bodies are 80% water). This cyanide molecules binds to an enzyme inside your mitochondria called Cytochrome C oxidase. The mitochondria is an organelle that produces energy inside of every living cell, and when cyanide binds to Cytochrome C oxidase, energy production stops completely. It throws the body immediately into lactic acidosis, which causes acid build-up and death. It’s like sprinting all out but never being able to stop – your entire body acidifies and death occurs.

Cyanide Poisoning

How do you get Cyanide poisoning?

It turns that cyanide poisoning is becoming more and more common. New construction is being designed with materials that release cyanide when burned. People are no longer just suffocating from the carbon monoxide from the smoke inhalation. In addition, their energy producing mitochondria are poisoned with cyanide – a fatal combination.

How did we treat Cyanide poisoning before high dose Vitamin B12?

Previously, we as medical doctors have not had many options for cyanide poisoning. In fact, it is a well-known fact that cyanide poisoning is usually lethal. The treatment for cyanide poisoning was just as dangerous as the poisoning itself.


Previously (and currently), nitrites were used to turn hemoglobin (our oxygen carrying protein) into methemoglobin which has a high affinity for cyanide. This methemaglobin would draw the cyanide out of the cells. However, methemaglobin cannot carry oxygen, so you’ve created a dangerous condition (low oxygen) in order to treat a dangerous condition. Uh oh! Then, you try to get Methylene blue to get rid of the methemaglobin. So, while giving an antidote, you have to give an antidote to your antidote and hope for the best!

How does the Vitamin B12 infusion work?

Now, we can use high dose Vitamin B12 infusion which is easy, safe, and effective for treatment of cyanide poisoning. It turns out that the cyanide molecule has a high affinity for the Vitamin B12 molecule. Since Vitamin B12 is water soluble, you urinate it out along with the cyanide. Fascinating!

In France, if you’re pulled out of a burning building and you’re showing any signs of distress, you’re immediately given this infusion.

How much Vitamin B12 is infused?

cyanideVanitymirrorThe Vitamin B12 kit is called a Cyanokit. The infusion is 5 grams or 5,000mg. A usual dose of Vitamin B12 that you may receive in an injection or infusion is 1mg. Therefore, it is 5,000 times more Vitamin B12.

If you have ever seen Vitamin B12 prior to an injection, it is a brilliant red color. When you receive 5,000mg of this lovely vitamin, your skin will turn red while it carries around this amount of Vitamin B12. It is not a burning, painful red like a hot flash or niacin side effect. Instead, you just appear to have a red spray tan.

Very quickly, the cyanide is removed from your energy-producing mitochondria and urinated out over the next several hours. If you are suffering from cyanide poisoning, you return to normal very quickly.

Since this amount of Vitamin B12 is extremely high, it is, of course, very expensive. But if you’re dying from cyanide poisoning, I don’t think anything is too expensive. What do you think?

Oubre Medical does not currently offer a Cyanokit, but we do offer Vitamin Infusions, including Myers Cocktails, which includes 1mg of Vitamin B12.

Read more about our Vitamin Infusions.


In reference to cyanide, here is a Cyanide and Happiness clip.



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