Learning to navigate produce.

While popularly the most neglected treasure in our American society, produce is one of the most important staples of grocery shopping. The massive array of vegetables and fruit in the grocery store is the most enticing set up. Not only is it an artistic marvel the way its arrayed in a rainbow ombré across the perimeter of the store, it’s the section that quite literally gives us the kick in our step. 

Why is color important?

Fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc.should be the staple and core bulk of our daily diet. In an ideal world, we would incorporate each different color, size, shape, and texture into our daily diet. However, sometimes that abundance is a bit unattainable for people who are constantly on the run, have a hectic work schedule, or an “on the go” life at home. Regardless, simply an effort towards implementing this wide array of nature’s nutrients is still possible. The phytonutrients of the plants are what give each one their vibrant colors and unique health properties. Each of these nutrients are essential to our health, supplying fuel and crucial building blocks for every cell in our body. 

How can I implement a rainbow of color?

By eating a “rainbow” of vegetables and fruits, you can maximize your intake of a broad range of nutrients, supporting every system in our body. This can be as simple as adding a quarter of a roasted beets with orange slices to your breakfast. Or, it can look like adding some blueberries in addition to the vibrantly pink strawberries and toasted creme-colored coconut in your morning granola. It doesn’t have to be a huge addition to make an impact. Plus, who doesn’t like to look at a colorful plate, avoiding the mundaneness and blandness that can sometimes creep into our meals? Adding in the rainbow during your meals gives us access to utilizing our creative side. It may seem a bit silly, but simple things such as making your food a more theatrical and colorful addition to your day can make you feel uplifted and, if you’re a food geek like me, slightly excited.

Download my free PDF to learn the powerful properties of each color and why it’s important to implement a “rainbow” of produce into your diet!



December 31, 2019 — Philip Oubre, MD

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