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March Madness Vitamin Infusion Promotion

March Madness Vitamin Infusion Promotion

iv bag 2During the month of March, we are promoting Vitamin Infusions. We will be running a discounted special and giving away free vitamin infusions the entire month of March.

Myers Cocktails and Glutathione infusions currently cost $150 each. Oubre Medical will discount the rate the entire month based on the number of Facebook activity and Twitter followers that engage.

March Madness Infusion Giveaway Rules:

In addition to the above, Oubre Medical will be giving away one vitamin infusion per 10 March Madness Post Shares. We will announce the winners on March 21, 2016. Enroll in the March Madness Infusion Giveaway by sharing the post!

March Madness Discount Rules:

For every 20 Oubre Medical Page Likes, we will lower the price per infusion by $5.

For every 10 March Madness Post Shares, we will lower the price $5.

For every 100 March Madness Post Likes, we will lower the price by $5.

For every 50 @OubreMedical Twitter followers, we will lower the price by $5.

14475281600431IV VITAMINSExample:

200 Oubre Medical Page likes ($50)

40 March Madness Post shares ($20)

200 March Madness Post Likes ($10)

100 @OubreMedical Twitter followers ($10)

$150 – $90 = $60 per infusion.

Pre-Promotion Starting Page Likes: 173

Pre-Promotion Starting Twitter Followers: 66

IV-vitamins-celebritiesWe will update the March Madness Infusion store price every Friday to a minimum of $50 per infusion the entire month of March.

Promotion Rules:

You must purchase the infusion during the month of March. You may receive the infusion at any time during a scheduled appointment that is convenient for both parties. As of April 1, the price will return to $150 per infusion.

Store / Purchase:

Purchase March Madness Infusion – Proceed to the link. In the drop-down menu, choose “March Madness Infusion.”


March Madness Promotion ends on 3/31/2016. Buy your infusions before the promotion is over! You do not have to receive your infusion in March, but you must pay for it before 3/31/16.

Note: You cannot receive the infusion if you have any medical reason that interferes, but you may gift it to someone you know.

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