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Heavy Metal Detoxification and Chelation

Heavy Metal Detoxification and Chelation

This is the first of a series of videos in which Dr. Oubre addresses how your body accumulates heavy metals and why this is harmful to your health. Heavy metals are all around your everyday life and can prevent you from reaching your optimal health. Heavy metal toxicity can result in the inability to lose weight, brittle bones, decreased energy, cancer, autoimmunity, and many, many other issues.

In this series of videos, Dr. Oubre covers how and why heavy metals are stored in your body, how to test for them, how to treat them, and how to detox your body. Knowing the signs of heavy metal toxicity, knowing how to test your levels, and knowing how to detox your body is all extremely beneficial and could be the missing links to why you are not feeling the best you can.

For more information click the button below. Dr. Oubre has put together an educational course about heavy metals and chelation, which includes the remaining videos in this series. In his course, he explains what these toxins do to your body, how to test for them, and his specific treatment protocol.

Dr. Oubre’s Heavy Metal Detoxification Course

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