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Counseling in Doctors’ Offices

Why does counseling belong in your doctor’s office?

Our counselor on staff, Donna Goldberg, was posed the question, “Why does counseling belong in this office?”. Her answer is as follows:

“When seeking help for anxiety, depression or other challenging problems where do most people head first?  If you said their doctor’s office you are correct! People look for trusted resources when issues arise and if they have a good relationship with their doctor this is a wonderful place to seek help.  But what happens if you want to work on the issue without medication?  What if you want to face the problem and work within your own resources to address it?  That’s where a counselor in your doctor’s office can step in and help with the process.  

If this is such a good idea then why are there not counselors in all medical practices? This is a new idea, and changing an existing system takes time.  Functional medicine is leading the way, with integrative health models taking notice.  With time the health care in this country can move from sick care to a system that supports all aspects of being a well human.  Luckily, at Oubre medical you don’t have to wait for the medical system to catch up! We offer counseling services to give you the tools and strategies to handle any bumps along the way to wellness.”

If you would like to meet Donna or any part of our team, we would love to hear from you! Donna is included in the price of a medical membership with our practice, and she also has a separate membership for just her services.

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