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Blood Work When And Where It’s Convenient For You!

Blood Work When And Where It’s Convenient For You!

Have you ever delayed getting your blood work done because you just didn’t have time to get to the lab?
Or, you changed your plans last minute because you didn’t want to fast?

Oubre Medical offers convenient phlebotomy that comes to you, wherever you are … within reason of course.

blood work

Kim Bacon of Lather Salon

At Work:

We can come to your job site and draw your blood before your shift, during your shift, or during your lunch break. All we need is a safe place to draw your blood. As soon as we are done drawing your blood, you can drink your coffee, eat your meal, and go back to work.

Recently, our nurse went to visit Kim Bacon at her hair salon: Lather Salon. Kim is a busy entrepreneur who didn’t want to waste her precious time driving across town to a phlebotomy facility. Gwen drove to her salon, drew her blood while fasting, and Kim was able to get right back to work. It just so happens that Gwen also needed her haircut, and Kim did a stellar job.

At Home:

If you are at home, you can plan a time for our nursing staff to arrive at your home. We will quickly draw your blood and prepare it. Then, you can continue your day as previously planned. Now, you don’t have to worry about toting those kids around town to get your blood drawn. Plus, you can have breakfast and coffee prepared and ready to be eaten after your blood is drawn.

What labs can you draw?

We can draw all laboratory tests that we order at Oubre Medical at this time. From routine labs like cholesterol and blood sugar testing to the most advanced nutritional testing and inflammation panels available – like Genova’s NutrEval and Spectracell’s FIA. We can even help collect, prepare, and ship tests that involve other body fluids. One of our quotes at Oubre Medical is, “If you make it, we can collect it!”Saliva Testing: Nitric oxide, 23andMe, Cortisol. Urine Testing: Cortisol metabolites, Estrogen metabolites, Heavy metal testing Stool Testing: Bacterial balance, parasites, yeast overgrowth, inflammation, digestion analysis.

Want a Vitamin Infusion after your blood draw? No problem!

We can draw all of your blood tests and administer a Vitamin Infusion with just ONE needle stick. If needles are not your cup of tea, but you want a vitamin infusion – this is your chance! We will start an IV, draw the necessary labs, and then infuse the vitamins through the same IV catheter. Voila!

Note: All of these same services are provided inside the office of Oubre Medical. Mobile services (in your home or office) incur additional fees. Call for details.Your first vitamin infusion must be supervised by a practitioner prior to receiving it outside of the office.


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