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Benefits of Being Quarantined (part 5)

Vanessa here, back for with another recipe me and my boyfriend came up with. Since we are all stuck at home, I hope this recipe sparks your interest and encourages you to get up and try something new, even if it is not this recipe exactly. Cooking healthy yet hearty food is wonderful!

Today’s recipe is a take on enchiladas. We managed to grab some Siete grain free tortillas the last time one of us went to Whole Foods so that is what we used, but any gluten free (and preferably grain-free) tortilla will work.

I started with a pork shoulder roast and threw in in my InstaPot with some avocado oil, hot sauce (I used Franks Red Hot), salt, pepper, a *bunch* of chili powder, and a *bunch* of smoked paprika, and let is go for about 4 hours. At the end of the 4 hours, I switched it to the pressure setting for 30 minutes. When it was done, the entire roast feel apart. It was so tender and smelled amazing.

Next, I took some organic black beans (2 cans), drained them, and mushed them up with some of the liquid that had formed in the bottom of the InstaPot from the pork. Just enough to make a soft paste.

I happened to have some zucchini and yellow squash in my fridge so I chopped those up and sauteed them in avocado oil with some salt, pepper, and minced garlic until they were fork tender all the way through.

For the enchilada sauce, I got a little inventive. Enchilada sauce is usually not gluten free and has a ton of seasonings and spices that I did not have in my spice cabinet. So I took a can of tomato paste, avocado oil, and some minced garlic and started to sautee that. Once the garlic was lightly browned and the oil had totally incorporated into the tomato paste, I added about a cup of water and stirred to combine over medium heat. At first, this is going to look like the water will never incorporate into the paste, but I promise it will. Once fully incorporated, I started seasoning like crazy. I added oregano, salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, cayenne, and cumin. I allowed everything to simmer over medium heat for roughly 15 minutes adding a little water here and there to make sure the sauce stayed thin and when it bubbled it did not explode. Taste the sauce frequently. This is a sauce that is subjective. You might really love chili powder, and if you do, add more! Or you might like a really thick sauce, if you do, let it cook longer and add less water.

Once all of the components were cooked, it was time to start assembling. For the tortillas, I put them on a flat pan for about 30 seconds per side to soften them up so they would roll. In the center of the warmed tortilla I put a line of mushed beans, shredded pork, and some of the yellow and green squash, then drizzled a little bit of the sauce over the pile of fillings and rolled it into a cigar shaped tube. I did this with 6 tortillas and laid them next to each other in a casserole dish. Then I dumped the remaining enchilada sauce over the top of the rolled enchiladas. If you have non-dairy cheese, I would coat the top of these enchiladas with it before you put them in the oven.

Once you are satisfied with your rolled and sauced enchiladas, it is time to put them into a 400F oven for 20 minutes, or until the sauce is darkening on top, and if you used non-dairy cheese, it is super melted.

Allow the enchiladas to cook for at least 10 minutes. This will keep the insides of the enchiladas from completely spilling out when you remove it from your casserole dish.

If you try this recipe, let me know!! I would love to see how yours turn out! Or, if you change up the recipe, I would love to hear what you changed, added, or took away. Food is such an awesome thing that can bring so many people together. Creating a beautiful dish is so rewarding.

Stay home! Stay healthy! Do your part to flatten the curve <3

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