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Benefits of Being Quarantined (Part 2)

What is it about being stuck at home that makes everyone want to break their diets, or eat something they shouldn’t? I am not immune to this either! Since I put myself on quarantine, I have been craving cookies, and not gluten free/dairy free cookies. If I give into that craving, I will regret it – my digestive system will regret it. So in an effort to stay strong, I came up with a “tortilla” of sorts that can be used in a sweet or savory way.

Who does not love fresh, fluffy, warm tortillas? I am a Texas girl, so one of my all time favorite meals is tacos. However, flour tortillas and corn tortillas are not diet friendly in anyone’s book. If you have some sweet potatoes and cassava flour though, you can make a fresh, decadent tortilla with very little effort!

To start, bake one large (or more) sweet potato- before sticking the potato in the oven, wash well, prick several times with a fork, and wrap in foil. Then you are going to bake at 400F for approximately 45-60 minutes, or until the potato is soft when you squeeze it.

Once you are done baking, let the potato cool down to a touchable temperature. Then you are going to puree until smooth. You can puree the potato in a food processor, blender, or even by hand if you do not have the equipment.

Next, take you puree and add cassava flour (or other flour) to the potatoes and mix. You will want to add 1/2 cup of flour at a time, until the mix holds together like a soft, yet sticky dough. This is all done by feel. You want a dough that can still stick to itself, yet is not so sticky that it coats your hands.

To roll out the tortilla, take two pieces of parchment paper and put a ball of the dough between them. When getting the ball of dough, you want roughly a 3 inch ball, and if you lightly wet your hands first, the dough will not stick as much to your hands. Roll out to desired thickness – I went fairly thin so it would fully cook, and not be doughy inside. Lightly salt the top side of the tortilla. If you are making a sweet version of this tortilla, substitute the salt for your sweetener of choice, and some cinnamon.

Peel the tortilla back from the parchment paper and move to a preheated pan (medium heat). Watch the heat of the pan – you do not want to create burned spots on the tortilla. Cook each side until lightly browned all over. If making a savory version, *lightly* salt once taken from the pan.

These tortillas made me (Vanessa) and my boyfriend some pretty spectacular tacos. We filled our tacos with sausage, some miscellaneous vegetables that we had in the fridge, and non dairy cheese. The the next morning, we took the left over tortillas, re-toasted them in a skillet, and dipped them in maple syrup. They were incredible.

If you make these tortillas, I would LOVE to hear how your experience went. Now is a time to build up our community. If you want to reach out to talk about cooking or baking, I am all ears. Remember, you are not alone.

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