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Austin Stem Cell Therapy – Alternative to Joint Replacement

Austin Stem Cell Therapy – Alternative to Joint Replacement

Austin Stem Cell TherapyIs arthritis stopping you from enjoying your life? Chasing your grandkids? Shopping with friends? Walking around the house? Visiting family that has stairs?

Joint pain can be debilitating. It can change a person’s life. You may be avoiding events or activities without realizing it. Because deep down you know that if you do that activity, your knees are going to ache for several days. Or, if you go play tennis, your shoulder is going to burn every night while lying down to go to sleep.

Slowly, arthritis whittles away at your daily activities. It begins changing the things you do. It may even prevent you from doing things that can improve your health such as going for a walk.

Moreover, as arthritis progresses, your joints begin getting stiffer. The very thing that makes it better (movement) becomes impossible. It is the Catch 22 of needing to move but being paralyzed by pain. As your movement decreases, the supporting structures, like tendons, ligaments, and muscles, get weaker, which worsens the pain.

It is well known that strong supporting structures decrease arthritic pain. This is the reasoning for physical therapy. Unfortunately, physical therapy cannot reduce arthritis but it can improve the structural integrity and strength of a joint, which reduces pain.

You may have been told by your doctor that you have bone-on-bone, and the cartilage is mostly destroyed.

Austin Stem Cell TherapyYou may have been told that the only treatment left is to get a joint replacement. While joint replacements are excellent, you may not realize that there is a new alternative called Stem Cell Therapy.

Although the therapy is new to the United States due to previous FDA limitations, it has been used in Europe for decades. Many professional athletes have travelled outside of the US to receive these treatments.

In Austin stem cell therapy combines your own body’s growth stimulus that floats in your blood stream with immature cells ready to get to work.

For PRP, your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to isolate the growth factors. Think about PRP as the young-buck manager that shows up to an old factory ready to stir things up and motivate workers.

In order to add new, young, eager workers to the factory, you need to harness stem cells, which can be found in your fat cells and bone marrow.

By combining PRP and Stem Cells, you potentially get a new hope for your arthritic, damaged joint. While the data is too limited and the therapy too young to quote statistics, the therapy is turning out to be promising. Very little money is being invested into research since a pharmaceutical company cannot brand it. Nonetheless, people who have had the procedure are speaking up about their success.

Watch Kevin Robles tell his story about his Austin Stem Cell Therapy procedure that he had performed in late 2015. He had both knees injected with PRP (from a blood draw) and Adipose Stem Cells (from fat tissue).

On May 18, 2016, he returned to Oubre Medical to get PRP injections of his right elbow that began hurting him recently. We interviewed him immediately after his PRP injections and Myers Cocktail Vitamin Infusion, and we let him tell his story from his perspective.


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