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5 Reasons The Austin Hcg Diet Works For Everyone

5 Reasons The Austin Hcg Diet Works For Everyone

Austin Hcg DietReason #1: Uhhh. It’s 500-700 calories. Of course it works for everyone.

In case you’ve never heard of the Austin HCG Diet. It is an aggressive, calorie-restrictive, food-restrictive, cosmetic-restrictive, exercise-restrictive, oil-restrictive, carb-restrictive … did I miss any restrictions?… diet. Basically, you can’t do much. You eat small portions of lean proteins (chicken, tilapia) and vegetables and are not allowed to exercise. This extreme dieting would normally cause your body to enter starvation mode and slow down metabolism / energy consumption dramatically. However, the HCG Hormone prevents the body from entering starvation mode.

Austin Hcg DietThe HCG hormone is naturally produced by a developing fetus when a woman is pregnant. Just like a parasite, the fetus needs the woman (the host) to constantly produce energy in order to feed its growing / developing body. A parasite is generally not a good parasite if it kills the host; instead, it wants the host to continue living and feeding it. Therefore, the HCG hormone tells the body to continue making energy even though it should enter starvation / hibernation.

Side Note: The HCG Hormone also works for men despite the fact that their body is only exposed to it in the womb. Although men think they’re from a different planet, they are all made from the same DNA (minus that lonely Y chromosome), and as a developing fetus, we all started out as females. In fact, I frequently use HCG for my men to boost testosterone and maintain testicular size during testosterone therapy.

Reason #2: Ketogenesis. What the heck is that?

Austin Hcg DietKetogenesis is the process that animals use when converting fat into usable energy called ketones. If you were to strike oil in your backyard, you can’t exactly put that in your gas tank to run your car. It has to be processed into something simple that can combust inside a small engine. Metaphorically speaking, fats are the oil underground, and ketones are the gas that fuels the body. Metaphors are great. Here’s another one: fats are the loaf of bread, and ketones are the slices. We typically don’t sit down and start eating the loaf without cutting it into slices.

When you’re on the Austin HCG Diet, you are eating an extremely calorie restrictive diet, but you are also limited on the content of those calories. You eat very little carbohydrates (sugar). You are allowed to eat several cups of vegetables and one medium sized fruit (apple). These equate to about 150 calories of carbs. The remainder of your diet is lean protein which is utilized by your body to maintain your muscle mass. The remainder of the calories your body needs to operate come from your own fat stores. When your body runs out of energy, it must create its own (or die, and nobody likes that). It begins manufacturing its own carbohydrates (sugar) to feed the brain, muscles, skin, kidneys, liver, heart, etc. In order to manufacture carbohydrates, the body burns fat as the energy source. Your body is not efficient at making sugar, and it must make sugar when it’s not being eaten. In fact, it requires more energy to make the sugar than the energy that the sugar actually provides. That’s important. Let’s say it again. When you don’t eat sugar, you burn extra energy in order to manufacture carbs. It’s like paddling upstream: it takes more energy than paddling downstream.


Reason #3: Limiting topical lotions, creams, and make-up

austin hcg dietTo be honest, this rule initially sounded silly to me. However, if you think about it, we have used the skin as a way to get medication and drugs into the body for eons. We use hormone creams for male and female hormone replacement. We use steroid creams for people with eczema and other rashes. Of course, your body absorbs the creams, lotions, and make-up products that you put on your skin. Not everything can be used as energy, but a lot of it can be.

Don’t believe me? Go grab your jar of cold pressed organic extra virgin coconut oil. If you don’t have a jar of coconut oil, shame on you. Go buy one. Next, take a dab of coconut oil and smear it on your skin. Initially, it appears oily and shiny. Leave it there for an hour or so and don’t touch it. I bet it disappears. It didn’t evaporate – fats have a high boiling point. Your body absorbed it. Now, flip over that coconut oil container and read the calories on it. That’s how much you just fed your body even though you didn’t eat it.

This being said, I am a big fan of using fats in the diet, especially coconut oil, so I do not want you to think that putting coconut oil on your skin or eating it is bad. I also don’t promote counting calories. I just use this as an example. In fact, I include a copy of Dr. Mark Hyman’s “Eat Fat, Get Thin” book with each of my Austin HCG diet kits because I believe it is the best food plan for maintaining health and losing weight.

The point is that people are not considering what they are applying to their skin because they don’t think it gets into their body. Makeup products and other chemicals applied to the skin can have toxins and carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) that you may not want inside of your body. Have you heard about the people in Flint, Michigan who can’t shower in their city water due to the poor water quality?

Moral of the story: Watch what you’re putting on your skin because it’s entering your body.


Reason #4: Resetting habits and addictions

On a restrictive diet like the Austin HCG diet, you are not allowed to eat crackers, chips, yogurts, ice cream, etc. It forces you to reset your habits. That late night trip to the pantry to see what’s in there – nothing healthy I bet. No one has any willpower left at 10 o’clock at night. Are you used to stopping by the bagel shop on the way to work? Well, that’s out the window (pun intended) because it’s not allowed on the Austin HCG diet. The good news is that your body has thousands of calories in store. When you enter ketogenesis (or fat-burning), your body can survive for days on its fat stores. In fact, skinny marathon runners even have an additional 30,000 calories of fat ready to go at any moment.

Reason #5: Detoxification

Since this is a restrictive diet, you are introducing very few toxins to your body. Even if you’re not eating free-range chicken or organic broccoli, the amount of toxins being introduced is smaller than it was before the diet. Therefore, your body has time to catch up on the backlog of toxins that accumulate in our tissues. Moreover, at Oubre Medical we include a Myers Cocktail infusion and MIC Injections in the Austin HCG diet in order to give your body the vitamins it needs to continue detoxification despite the food restriction.

At this time, the Oubre Medical Austin HCG diet Package costs $500

We include more than most HCG Diets because we want you to be successful and maintain your weight loss! Read about what’s included. Compare it to other facilities.


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